Daddy's Girl
Morning Wetness

I woke up this morning and she was cuddled up against me her leg over mine rubbing herself against me. I could feel her hard nipples and wetness. The mattress has a protective cover and I laid there caressing her soft warm skin as she rubbed herself against me. She said she had to go pee. I said softly, you can pee baby it’s ok and she peed on my leg. She was just about done when bro came out from the house, I told him to last night. He came in the hut naked. He said morning and stood there looking at us. I slipped the sheet off us so he could see her cuddled against me and the wet sheet. I said, show him your cunt baby. Show him that wet little fuck hole. She laid back and opened her legs exposing her wet hole. Bro’s cock started getting hard as he looked. She was staring right at it. I reached over and started touching her cunt. Opening the lips and showing bro more. Bro’s cock was hard now and told her to suck his cock. Bro knelt on the bed by her head his cock close for her and pulled the skin back for her.. She licked her lips and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him. As she did I fingered her telling her he was going to fuck her, full her cunt with his cock and she cum on my finger. After she sucked him a bit Bro got between her legs and I guided his cock to her hole and watched his cock enter her. I then moved over her so she could lick me as Bro fucked her. It was so hot.. After he cum I licked her cunt. When we went in the house to shower Daddy noticed we were wet between the legs. We held hands and I touched her so Daddy could see. Daddy was naked and his cock swelled. I told her to watch as I went to Daddy and got on my knees and started sucking his cock. She stood watching with her hand between her legs. I got up and leaned over the table spreading my legs as Daddy took me filling my cunt with his cock. As he fucked me she squatted and fingered her hole. After Daddy cum I led him over to her and without a word she opened her moth and stared sucking his cock, licking it clean. After she was done we took a shower. I would love to diaper her. After our shower I got her in some crotchless panties for the day and instructed her to keep herself wet and ready.

if anything could come close to how my bro looks.. this is it

if anything could come close to how my bro looks.. this is it

My Cousin

My cousin is staying with us a few days. She is a cutie pie. Things between us have sorta been heating up over the past couple years. I don’t see her very much and her parents my dad’s sister who is not really close to us but they let her visit a couple days. She will stay out in my hut with me. She is kinda shy around boys, but noticed she is not so shy with me. We spent some time at the mall and had lunch then came home. Daddy is working and Bro is off with his friend so we were all alone. She was going over her stuff from shopping so I went to the house and got us some cold pop. When I got back she had changed into a over size strap t-shirt. It was almost see through and could see her nipples and they were hard. I acted like I did not notice but could feel myself getting wet as she moved about and when she sat down I noticed she had no panties on and could see her smooth little slit. I was still wearing shorts and a top from shopping and could feel my panties getting wet and as I removed my shorts and top telling her I was going to get comfy I noticed her watching me. I slipped on a oversize white t-shirt and slid my panties off and joined her. We sat there watching tv and chatting. She had moved a little and could now see her clit hood a little. I moved so she could see more of me. Then she moved and opened her legs giving me full view of her little cunt and I did the same for her. She was looking to cause she licked her lips and then played shy. I thought I would test the water and said. Your so pretty, she blushed then said, you have a pretty cunt to. Your making me wet. She looked down but made no move to close her legs so I said, show me your cunt baby. She spread her legs wider for me and when she did her little cunt lips parted exposing her pink hole and it looked wet to. Oh baby it’s so pretty and opened my legs more for her to see and she was looking and without warning she lowered her hand and touched herself, licked her lips and smiled. Yes baby make yourself wet for me and she did to. I reached down and played with my cunt for her. It was so nice. I spoke nasty to her. Show me that little pink hole baby and she did. It was wet now her cunt all shinny wet. I pulled my t-shirt off and she did the same and we sat there watching each other masturbate. I slid over closer in front of her and leaned in and kissed her lips. She kissed me back as my fingers played with her nipples. I whispered in her ear, Baby I want to lick your little cunt and make you cum. She moaned as I pushed her back on the cushions. Spread your legs baby, and she did. Oh such a pretty little cunt all nice and wet as my fingers lightly traced her cunt before I kissed her cunt and slid my tongue over her wetness and little hole. I licked her clit then slid my tongue in her hole. She tasted good and I licked up all her wetness. I felt her squirt and then she said sorry. I could taste it and knew she peed. I stopped and said oh baby it’s ok pee some more and went back to licking her wet hole. It was not long before she cum. After we kissed as my fingers played with her cunt. Oh baby you have such a pretty little cunt and fuck hole as my finger slid in her, oh so tight and so wet for a nice hard cock, Would you like a nice hard cock baby ? She whimpered and pushed her cunt on my finger. I would love watching you get fucked with a nice cock baby. My finger found her pee hole and rubbed her there and she peed on my finger. I was in love. She started kissing me and touching me. I Told her to lick my wet cunt and she did.. She made me cum to.

Before anyone got home we took a shower together. By the time Daddy and Bro got home we were nice and clean and naked. she seemed to like the attention she was getting from bro.