Daddy's Girl

Nothing excites me more and Daddy is when I act younger than I am and talk nasty as well as being expressive in actions. Being free to act upon my desires with no fear. So last night in the back yard relaxing while it was still warm out. Talking and enjoying each other, yes I was being naughty. Relaxing and playing with my cunt. Daddy loves watching me. I was running my finger over my wet cunt lips and clit that was poking out. Every now and then sliding a finger in my hole and rub my pee hole. Laying there on the lounger in front of my daddy all exposed and wet I rubbed and pulled my hard nipples and peed. Daddy loves watching me pee and his cock was already hard and leaking ready for my fuck hole. I got up pee still coming out of me and straddled Daddy and stroked his cock sliding the skin back exposing the head. Then lowering my cut down on it and feeling it open my hole and slide in me. Then I rode my Daddy’s big cock as he played with my nipples. My cunt hole stretched and full of cock I cum twice before Daddy shot his cum in me. I raised up and could see Daddy’s cock all wet with our cum mixed and licked and sucked it all up then Daddy licked my cunt and I peed some more for him to lick up. We went in the house and took a shower together before bed. I was still aroused and while daddy watched tv I pined a cloth diaper on and lay in my bed feeling hot and wanton. I woke up this morning my all wet. As I type this bro’s cum is still oozing from my hole cause he fucked me.

Summer Hut

I have this old shed out in the back yard that Daddy had made into a summer hut for me. It is really nice and I move out there in the summer. We have no neighbors so it is really private. We have a small pool, more like a wading pool but fun. I can lay out naked in the sun anytime. I was out there yesterday cleaning and getting things ready for summer. Bro and his best friend were in his room. His best friend is nice. I went in to get some things from my room and when I passed bro’s room I looked in and saw bro sucking his friends cock. I stood a moment watching feeling myself getting wet, I mean it was so hot. I was wearing panties and a half top so went to my room and stripped and got what I was after and went back out pausing by his door on my way out. I am sure they saw me. Back out in my summer hut I could feel my wetness increase as the vision of bro sucking cock went though my mind and could feel my clit swell. I went back in for another load of stuff and saw they were still at it. This time I stood there and fingered myself a little then left but they both saw me and I wanted that. Back out in my hut I finished a few things and in between kept touching myself when I heard the back door open and close. It was Bro and his friend and they were naked. They went over by the pool and then came over by my hut. I greeted them and noticed Bro’s friend looking me over as we spoke so I spread my legs more for him. They were holding hands. So cute. We all sat on the big cushions I have and talked some more, the whole time my cunt getting wetter. Sometimes words are not needed and this was one of them times cause I was sitting back on my cushion with my legs open and cunt on display for both to see and their cocks were both getting hard. I smiled at them and slid my hand down to my cunt and said, I am so wet, and slid a finger in my hole. As I fingered my hole I told bro to suck his friends cock for me. Bro did and I cummed on my finger. I licked my fingers off then spread my cunt lips open so they could see my wet hole. Fuck me I said bro’s friend got between my legs and I guided his big cock to my cunt hole and he fucked me. I sucked Bro’s cock as his friend fucked me. After they left I took a shower. I had made a new friend and now know Bro likes cock. Before Daddy got home I put a pair of panties on and wet them knowing Daddy will fuck me next.

First Anal

I have always liked fingering my tight asshole and have done it for Daddy and bro a few times. Bro likes to lick my ass. So I decided one day I wanted a cock in my tight ass and decided to be ready when Daddy came home. I spent some time fingering my ass before using my vibe. It felt so good once I got use to it and had myself a good cum. When Daddy came home my cunt and ass were both wet and ready. I moaned loud so Daddy could hear me and he came to my room to find me on my hands and knees on my bed with a vibe in my ass. He smiled and came in as I worked the vibe in and out. I pulled the vibe out and said, oh daddy look how wet my tight ass is before sliding the vibe back in. Daddy had a bulge in his pants now and started to strip. I looked back and watched him stroke his hard cock as he watched me. I pulled the vibe out and told him to fuck my ass. Daddy got on the bed and told me to suck his cock first witch I did and after it was good and wet he got behind me and slowly worked his cock in my tight ass. It did not hurt as much as I thought and I pushed back on his cock as he fucked me. I fingered my cunt hole as he fucked my ass cumming deep inside me. I loved it.

First Time Sex

Truth be told I did not have actual sex till I was 18. I was on the pill at 17 but at school no one really turned me on. I was happy masturbating at home. From youth up I always kept my cunt smooth shaved so Daddy and bro could see it and I always made sure they could. After I turned 18 things around the house got more interesting. Daddy payed me more attention than normal. Oh I was a proper little slut cause I let him know I was wet and his. Daddy was in his room after his shower. I went in and sat on his bed watching him. I sat with my legs open so he could see just how wet I was. He came over and without a word I reached out and touched his cock. It was thick and as I ran my fingers along it, it started to grow. I kept playing with it until it was hard. I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled the skin back like I watched bro do and leaned over and licked the head a few times before taking the head in my mouth and sucking him. His cock was so big and thick. I stopped sucking him and said, oh daddy, your cock is so big. Please fuck me. My cunt is so wet and with that I laid back spreading my legs wide showing him my wet fuck hole. Daddy touched me, his fingers were hot on my skin as he caressed me. I slid a finger in my hole as he rubbed my nipples and kissed me. Then he kissed his way down to my cunt and yes licked me making me whimper. I was so excited I peed but he kept licking me making me wetter. I closed my eyes and then I cum on daddy’s tongue. Daddy moved up and kissed me. I could taste my cunt on his lips. Then I felt his cock between my legs. I reached down and stroked as I rubbed the head over my hole. Oh daddy fuck me as the head slipped in my tight hole. Daddy was slow and gentle. I cum again when he was fully inside me. I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deeper. Then he fucked me. Slow. It was so nice. He filled my cunt with his cum. I was his now. I was daddy’s cunt. After he fucked me he licked me out again till I cum. He fucked me twice before I went to my room with his cum leaking out of me. Now I was free to fuck. I was not sore, years of using a vibrator helped. I went and told bro. and as I did his cock got hard. It was not as thick as Daddy’s but it was long. I sat there looking at it get hard. I asked Bro if he wanted to touch me and moved so he could see my cunt. He rubbed my fucked cunt and fingered me. Then I sucked his cock and he was so excited he cum. I swallowed as much of his cum as I could. It tasted good. Then I moved up and lowered my cunt on his mouth so he could lick me. Oh it was so good. I was playing with his cock and could feel it getting hard again. I stoked him till it was nice and hard then moved down and lowered my hole over his cock. He fucked me and before he cum I pulled off and let him cum in my mouth again. I wet my bed twice that night and in the morning I was so horny